Una Schram

Una Schram has been writing songs since she was ten years old, but it was only earlier this year that she released original music.

Love is a constant source of inspiration for Una, and all of the songs of her recent EP “Energy” have to do with her boyfriend in one way or another. He is a native English speaker, which is one of the main reasons Una is determined to keep singing in English.

Still, Una maintains there is no ‘right’ way to do things. Her own music is the result of talking things through and trying things out with her production duo Ra:tio. The outcome is for our listening pleasure.


Others 2019

We take corporate responsibility and its role in the Icelandic community seriously. Part of that is supporting young and aspiring musicians. The acts presented here are only a few examples of the flourishing music scene in Iceland.

Iceland Airwaves has for years been a great addition to Icelandic culture and an important platform for Icelandic musicians. We are proud to be among the festival’s main sponsors.


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