gugusar ,which is the stage name of Guðlaug Sóley Höskuldsdóttir, first entered the scene in last year’s Músíktilraunir, where she won the title “rafheili tilraunanna”. At the tender age of sixteen, she has never been busier than during the pandemic, which is natural, since she is so new to music that she hardly knows any other reality. Guðlaug has described her composition work as a way to escape reality and destress. Many of us would probably like to escape with her these days and through her music, we get to enter the bubble for a time.

Live from Reykjavík Off-venue

Others 2020

We take corporate responsibility and its role in the Icelandic community seriously. Part of that is supporting young and aspiring musicians. The acts presented here are only a few examples of the flourishing music scene in Iceland.

Iceland Airwaves has for years been a great addition to Icelandic culture and an important platform for Icelandic musicians. We are proud to be among the festival’s main sponsors.


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